Students Connect: All things related to the student and learning experience!

Whether you’re looking for more opportunities to engage with your community, a study group, or a sociable environment with friends, we have something for you.

Started as a study group in March of 2020 following the response of schools to the COVID-19 crisis, Students Connect has grown into a significant organization dedicated to engaging students with each other and the community. At the start, the pandemic disconnected students from their peers, teachers, and school, effectively cutting off social interaction and leading to mounting isolation. Daily study hall meetings with friends during the 2020 spring semester greatly helped our mental and social health. Taking it to the next level, we established ourselves as a school club and held weekly discussions on a variety of topics, such as “Why is it so hard to ask questions in class?” and “Do you prefer remote or in-person learning?” We connected throughout the year with each member. In the fall of 2021, we have implemented more activities, including weekly in-person meetings and our Pen Pal Project (read more below).

Our latest: The Pen Pal Project

Students Connect has launched a Pen Pal Project, where high school students can serve as role models to younger children through the art of letter-writing. Writing on themes ranging from goal-setting to the transition from elementary to middle school, our members are able to provide support and insight for these bright, young minds. With over 80 letters sent through the Project, we work to continue inspiring these children.

What we offer:

Study Groups

With members that sport a wide range of interests, Students Connect provides opportunities for students to start study groups for several different classes.

Student Tutoring

Student tutoring not only offers academic help but also creates opportunities for volunteering, community service, and student interaction.


Get a feel for what events are offered at school. Students Connect is active in the community exposes members to a variety of activities.

View Students Connect Testimonies:

“I have students who have struggled to write a sentence this year write a multi-paragraph response letter! I think this is just what my class needed this year.”

Suncrest Elementary, 5th Grade Teacher, November 2021

“I really liked the sense of connection and community that I gained when I joined the club.”

Morgantown High, 9th Grade Student, March 2021

“It was really nice seeing how all of the club members are friends and genuinely like talking to each other.”

Morgantown High, 11th Grade Student, March 2021

“I’ve really liked the people I’ve been able to meet through this club and how nice it is to talk to them.”

Morgantown High, 9th Grade Student, March 2021

“When I am older, I want to join Students Connect too! Then, when I am in high school, I can write letters to elementary schools.”

Ridgedale Elementary, 5th Grade Student, October 2021

“It was the highlight of my day. It really improved my learning experience and I would definitely do it again.”

Suncrest Middle, 8th Grade Student, May 2020

“I like the closeness Students Connect provides; it gives a classroom-like experience.”

Morgantown High, 9th Grade Student, March 2021

“I liked the feeling of ‘being in class.’ Virtual school is hard, so it’s nice to have this available so it feels like I’m in school with my classmates again.”

Morgantown High, 9th Grade Student, March 2021