Students Connect is here to help

The COVID-19 pandemic has left us all disconnected from our school community of teachers, classmates, and friends. With limited teacher-student interaction, some students are unable to get what they need, academically and socially. Students Connect is a student-run program designed to help students connect with their peers, friends, and school community virtually, and allows us for both social and academic benefits to reconnect in a supportive school community. Through virtual meetings and discussion forums, we discuss school announcements, subjects, and activities. Come join the conversation, see your friends and classmates, and spread the word! View our events and recent news on this website. We look forward to seeing you!

Study Groups

Study groups are designed for different classes or subjects for students to receive academic help, promote peer-to-peer discussion, and relieve stress.

Student Tutoring

Student tutoring creates volunteer opportunities for students to help others in different subjects.

Virtual Clubs

Virtual clubs allow students of similar interests to gather and discuss, mirroring the extracurricular activities present in schools.